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sub inggris (DVDES-825) Kehidupan setiap malam antara bibi tetk besar dan keponakan


Admittedly, when I began this website I was not a huge fan of the Shotacon genre. But over time I received so many Demon boys JAV requests that I ended watching in full more than a few releases of them, and I got to admit, that it’s freaking brilliant.

These 3 lil’ bastards are so hilarious and funny. Same goes for Ayumi Shinoda, even I never was a huge fan of her but I have to say that she is fantastic in this release and does a wonderful job.

Now, this DVDES-825 is a reprint of an old sub. But it’s very opportune, and a very well-done JAV release.

A “boy”, gets infatuated with his smokin’ aunt, Ayumi Shinoda. He immediately tells his classmate friends and they perv on Ayumi undressing in her room.

Later on, Ayumi is taking a bath with her nephew, in which his dick get’s accidentally hard, but Auntie is so understanding and spoils the nephew.

Next up is one of the main scenes of this video in which Ayumi gets “stuck” in a toy scaffolding in a sort of doggie position, while her nephew laughs his ass off taking advantage of such wonderful opportunity to put his dick inside Ayumi’s ass. That all happened right before Ayumi’s husband comes in, but without notice anything, the astronomical cuck.

After that things start to escalate. Ayumi gets fucked on top of her husband by the nephew, (yeah not kidding). And things end up in a 3some with the demon boys at full. Classic scene.

Date: September 5, 2021
Actors: Ayumi Shinoda

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