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jav eng sub (SSNI-452) It all started when Yua Mikami worked as a fashion designer


Yua Mikami works as a clothing designer for a lingerie company and she’ll soon find out that everyone in the company is completely crazy.

Yua is very talented and charismatic, her underwear designs are great, and she believes that people nowadays prefer sexier designs, so she did some really sexy designs, some risky T-backs, straps and whatnot. This does not suit some people in the company. For starters, the female head designer an older woman hates her courage and she goes to complain to the company president (Taku) who is overjoyed, and in fact, has other plans for Yua-chan.

Yua collides with the magazine boss, the president, her sexy boss, and in the end, she’s forced to model her own designs… so embarrassing.

The plot is simple and the videos are okay, but maybe not on the same level as some of the old “Made For Underwear Models” videos from last year. Yua is great as usual and I can’t complain about her at all, but this “getting rekt by everyone” role also left me a little confused. On the other hand, she is quite sexy.

Date: Agustus 23, 2021
Actors: Yua Mikami

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