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Using Ultrasonic Sounds to Drive Away Rats

If animals can talk, they would likely say that India is one of the places that are very friendly to them. In fact, you get to see animals roaming around the metropolis and even mingling with humans. People who get queasy looking at rats and other rodents are likely to get surprised how Indians tolerate their presence. The country’s religion and other cultural customs allow the presence of these animals anywhere across the country.

As Buddhism strongly discourages the harming of these animals, rats usually get their way in invading the personal spaces of humans. For this reason, rats easily populate and in the process destroy houses and other properties like cars. Known for being destructive, rats are fond of snacking on just about anything and even cars are not safe from them. When car owners are not being careful, these animals can easily invade their property and destroy everything. Because rats are deemed as sacred for some, just like cows, Indians do not just easily hurt these animals.

Through the power of innovation, advancements were made to stave off these animals from properties and from infesting any areas. By deploying ultrasonic car repellent, the question ‘How to protect car from rats in India?’ has been answered. This technological advancement is capable of driving these animals away without inflicting any pain. Studies have shown that animals like rats are sensitive to certain frequencies. When devices like an ultrasonic car repellent emits this frequency, animals are likely to run away from the source as they cannot stand the decibel of sound emitted by the device.

Rats are annoyed by the sound produced by an ultrasonic car repellent because of the very high frequencies it emits. As these repellent do not kill the animals, most property owners prefer this humane method of protecting their cars. It does not pose any threats to humans, nor cause serious harm to animals. These repellents are already marketed across the country and several companies are coming up with their own version of it. A specialized type of this ultrasonic repellent is for the protection of car engines, where rats mostly infest in.

An ultrasonic car repellent is marketed at a reasonable cost and the best part of it is it is durable enough to last for a very long time. There are already several studies that back the efficacy of these repellents in warding off rats and the device is also very easy to use. Imagine hearing the sound of a jackhammer in close proximity and you would get a better idea of how this repellent works. Through this innovation, owners are able to protect their car’s engine and other parts from getting damaged by rats, while ensuring that they are driving these rodents without physically harming them.