The 2017 Mustang Stands Out as an Evolved, Well-Rounded Take on a Classic

The Ford Mustang is a true classic, albeit one that has evolved greatly over the years. The original Mustang, of course, stood out as a lighter, more agile alternative to the burly American muscle cars that were then starting to receive so much attention. While not quite as svelte and nimble as the small European sports cars that inspired its designers to some extent, the original Mustang was something markedly different from what American manufacturers were then mostly becoming known for in the realm of vehicles meant specifically for driving pleasure.

The modern Mustang is a very different machine, but it still manages to stand out in its own way. Of all the Ford cars on the market today, various versions of the Mustang probably compete most successfully against the Japanese sports cars that have become so popular with buyers seeking some extra excitement in their lives. While cars like the Nissan 370Z can sometimes be surprisingly substantial and powerful, given the pedigrees of their manufacturers, contemporary takes on the Mustang tend to be even more so, however. If the Mustang no longer stands out as being notably nimble compared to the most obvious competition, this is not to say that it does not excel.

The GT trim of the 2017 model-year Mustang, for example, has attracted rave reviews from critics and buyers alike. With a five-liter engine that puts out a good deal of power, it offers something distinctive right from the start. At the same time, it remains dedicated enough to cornering performance that it will feel like a much less limited recreational driver than contemporary muscle cars to those whose passions extend beyond local drag strips.

The modern version of the Mustang does all this while retaining a good deal of practicality, as well. Even while being capable of enough performance that no driver will ever find it boring, it is spacious enough such that all that fun can be had in the process of getting some errands done. This, in fact, is likely what makes it stand out even more against competitors like Nissan’s 350Z, with a certain well-roundedness of character putting the Mustang on a level almost entirely of its own.