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Why Use Oversized Planner This 2018

It is very important for college students to have their own planner. Sometimes you tend to forget something and it is very important to jot down those important dates and events. Many might resort to digital planners but still it would be best to go for an oversized planner for ease and convenience. It is important to read the following reasons if you want to know what oversized planners is still the best type of planner despite technological advancements.

Minimize One’s Anxiety
Did you ever feel like time is so limited and you will not be able to finish everything at an expected time? Just like any problem there is always a solution hence take out your oversized planner and slowly calm yourself. First you must write down what you have to do at a certain time and date afterwards think of how you can achieve it in that limited time you have surely this will alleviate the stress you are feeling. This will also allow you to minimize the chances of missing something in the process. If you want to succeed in everything you do then staying organized and composed is a necessity regardless of the numerous things that you must take on.

Create and Effective List of Must-Do Activities
In your oversized planner you have to take note of the daily or weekly activities that you must do. The oversized planner will also help you prioritize the things that you have to accomplish. You can just imagine how amazing it is to feel happy whenever you are able to cross something out or put a checkmark on your to-do list.

Keep Details of Vital Memories
Once the year ends and your planner is full already then don’t just discard them. Rather keep them for future use. Reading those notes that you have will bring back the glorious days you have in college and even those times when you feel like giving up. This takes you back to the worst homework that you did and how much you procrastinate back them sometimes this brings laughter and joy when you remember those silly things that you did. An oversized planner is just as important as having a blog, it inspires you to do everything that you can just to obtain one goal and that’s to land at the place or situation you want for yourself.

Write It so as Not to Forget
Many people believe that the best way not to forget something is to write it down. Typing anything might be easier but certainly taking out your pen and paper to note down important details will have better retention in your brain.

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