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How to ensure You barred Your automobile

Have you ever gone to the shop and brought 2 steps removed from your automobile before realizing that you just did not lock it. have you ever gone back solely to seek out that you just did really lock the car? this can be one thing that the majority of folks can do at some purpose. the very fact is that we regularly view granted that our Used Cars get barred once you click the button on your remote. thus however are you able to make sure that your car has been locked?

Why car security is important

Before you get to the measures to find out if you locked your car you need to know why it is so important. The first thought you may have is that it will stop people stealing the car. However, more often it is to stop people stealing the goods inside of the car. Most people will have some form of value in their car. This could be a computer or a phone or even the sound system that comes with the car. By locking your car you are putting one barrier between thieves and your goods. Additionally, if your car is not locked you will have a harder time claiming from your insurance company.

Double checking is always a good idea

The best and easiest way to make sure you have locked your car is to double check. There is nothing wrong with testing the door after you have locked the car. You should do this even if you have a remote to lock your car. Many cars have lights that blink when the car is locked or opened. Waiting to see if your lights go is another easy way to check that your car has been locked. Of course, if you really want to you can try and hear if the locks slid into place. Many newer cars have more silent locks so this might not be an option for everyone.

Why you shouldn’t assume your remote lock worked

The question that you may be asking is why you have to double check? If you have a remote and you click the button why should you think that the car has not locked? The main problem is that thieves are trying different methods to get into cars and take their valuables. One way that has been identified is jamming of the signal sent from your remote to the car. By using a simple garage door remote it is possible for this signal to be jammed and this will leave your car open. Not only do you stand the risk of theft but as there is no sign of forced entry the majority of insurance companies will not pay compensation. Find more information hereĀ

Checking that you have locked your car will only add a few seconds to your routine. However, these seconds could save you a lot of trouble not only from having your goods stolen but also trying to claim from your insurance. It is best to not take the remote lock for granted and test the doors manually before you leave.