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What You Need to Know About Dark Web and Deep Web

You might be wondering if this so called dark web exist in the internet, apparently it does exist and this article will provide you some insights about it.

Normally, search engines allow users to browse different websites however this is not the case for websites found in the Dark Web because it uses a tight encryption.

Sites belonging to the Dark Web are able to conceal their identity through an anonymity network called Tor encryption. There are several layers of encryption found in Tor that enables users to conceal their internet activities and identification. With this tool you can fake your location, for instance it could appear you are located in some foreign country so you see it is quite comparable when using VPN services.
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If a website utilize the aforementioned software it has similar effect. If you are not using a Tor encryption then more likely you cannot access websites found on the Dark Web. You can hardly track the location of web users because of the layers of encryption that redirects a different IP address.
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With that being said it is safe to say that it uses onion routing to encapsulate data and internet activity in different layers of encryption.

This means that any person can visit the dark web but you will never know the people or person operating these sites. If your identity is disclose it could be very dangerous on your part. Search engines are able to track your location and if you want to remove such you may do so plus you can also determine what the search engine knows about your internet activities.

If you want to know more about this Tor and the process of using the web anonymously you can read further.

Since the dark web conceal one’s identity, organizations who want to do business covertly make use of them so that government agencies are incapable of tracking them. Most of the time, this is use by organizations who want to go underground with their transactions moreover whistleblowers can also use this to converse with writers.

How to Access Dark Web?

Aside from the Tor, there are other means of accessing the dark web through a different server or software. One of the reasons why people use Tor is the fact that it can be used with ease and convenience. There are also additional version of a particular browser associated with Tor downloads that is specifically modify to use this type of encryption.

Keep in mind that the use of this encryption is not totally hid one’s identity. Once the site is accessed there is a still a possibility to know the one who is visiting the site since some information are disclose like the email ad and the username. If one wishes to hide their identity completely must use a specialized server so that others will not be able to track their location. There are dark web guides that you can read to know full details about the latter.