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Factors to Look into Before Considering a Net Leased Investment.

A net lease refers to the need for the tenant to pay a portion or the entire amount of taxes, maintenance expenses and fees as well as the basic rent. Its commonly used with property for commercial purposes. There are their kinds of net leases and they comprise; single, double and triple net rent. It’s used by owners to transfer the burden of taxes, insurance and fees and it may call for lower rent.

Herein are factors to Think about Before contemplating a net leased investment.


A property that is placed strategically will be on a high requirement by the leasee. The property should not be difficult to find and the demographics of the place should show a positive trend. It comes with the advantages of tenant demand together with ease of replacement. Most of the time, the investors overlook the impact of place and only think of the reliability of renters but the truth is both have to be considered for the investment to be an effective one. Also, take into account the household incomes and spending habits of the neighborhood. As much as it may be seen expensive to invest at a strategic place, it pays in the long run.

Tenant’s Credit Accessibility.

The kind of tenant you get involved with will impact your Success. Are they reliable? The best are the ones with solid credit ratings to public credit markets as ranked by trusted organizations. This thought is all about setting the financial stability of tenants which would impact how well they cover the rent and other fees regardless of the economic situation and business performance. Higher credit balances and bankruptcies are indicators of insecure tenants. Assess their current financial statement as they provide a clear view on whether they’ll have the ability to manage costs.

Contract Terms.

When you have assessed the reliability of the tenant and the location, another thing to look into are the terms of the lease as well as the length. The best contract will provide you with an protracted period for agreement functions. You are then sure of looking into more things that you could have left out guaranteeing stability. The other advantage is that of curbing all the loopholes which may allow for termination of the contract prematurely. Furthermore, have a broader look in the purchase contract and ensure that the prices are fair and have yet to be inflated by sellers. This includes the analysis of the rent per square foot.


The Majority of the internet leased investment have played well in the Past and it greatly depends on the capability of the people investing to Consider the significant factors such as the location and the renter’s Reliability. That way, diversification is enabled and risk mitigated for all Economic problems.

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